Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello Kitty + Barbie!

Hello Kitty PINK HEAD Jewelry Collection!


One of the biggest fashion collaborations, Lanvin and H&M!

The release date in store just happened. No I didn't go! Did you?

Ok I slept in! Sat 8am Tornto, New York & I don't know if it was world wide. I was following twitter & could have twit for a wristband to get in. I live kind of far plus it's winter. Yes, the stuff are very nice. I love the dresses or the shoes. Maybe if one of my friends gave me a lift downtown that early. But none of my friends are big followers of fashion, even though they love shopping & name brands.

The thing is I'm not a grabby person so I wouldn't like to have to fight over a dress & trying to snatch up my sizes in so little time. Some people lined up overnight outside of Eaton Centre just to get into H&M! I would like to see what people got though. There was also an online auction for the Larvin pieces, but I'm not really a big bidding person anyway.

Well, actually next time H&M has something big I might actually go for it if I really feel like it. Depends what it is & what mood I'm in too.

Samantha Thavasa

Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese fashion brand based in Tokyo, most well known for its handbangs. Many young women including me are in love with it's Teddy Bear handbags. You may already have seen the ads endorsed by Beyonce Knoles, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, etc... Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to endorse the brand as of 2009.

The company's target customer base are college and working women in their twenties. Their prices are designed to appeal to this age group.

In Japan, the company has over 130 retail stores. In late 2006, Samantha Thavasa opened its first U.S. store in New York City. They also recently just opened up a store in Singapore also.

I believe they are not available in Toronto. I will have to check Pacific Mall. Otherwise I'll have to ask a friend travelling to Asia to get it for me. Last resort is ebay which only has 1 ebay store/seller that sells it so far. I love that new black Teddy Bear handbag!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Lux Stuff

Hermes Reversible Belt Demonstration

I personally don't wear belts often as I am a bit lazy. I actually donated most of my nice belts which mostly I never even wore before. Wish I had kept the nicer ones. Now I'm kind of beltless. I may have a few lying around which are kind of ugly anyway. I'd probably wear them more if I had a really nice one like this. But then it looks a bit complicated to ensemble. Hmmmm.....!

I'm not exactly sure when this belt came out. I think it was probably this summer. I assume it was around when this youtube video was posted.

What's with me and Hermes & Reversible stuff lately? Hmmmm.....! Ok, it is basically winter now. Summer didn't seem too long ago. It is now already soooooo COLD!! All I want is this cashmere scarf which you can wear on two different sides to match with your different outfits. It's basically two scarves in one! =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recent stuff to covet.

Here are the latest Lock pendants/charms from Tiffany & Co. Some of them actually function as real locks that you could use on your favourite jewelry box. They come in silver, yellow-gold, and rose-gold. There's also a heart-shaped lock handcrafted in platinum and covered with pavé diamonds which is quite pricey, but well worth it for the lady of your dreams. Perfect Valentine's Day gift for Feb 2011.

Ok these following Tiffany & Co. pendants are not the newest, but I have to post them because they are my favourite heart tags.

New women's fragrance from Guerlain called "The Little Black Dress."

Ok I forgot where these are from but they match so well with the new "Louis Vuitton Favorit Bow Bracelets." Violet & beige are my favourite colours for these Vernis bracelets. I kind of like the red one too. There's also a classic LV monogram one. Retails for $360 USD.

Newest Hermes Leather Bracelet. It's called the "Hermes Reversible Leather" bracelet. I also love the "Kelly Double Tour" bracelet in Black. I think that the triple/quadriple band seems like too much for me, but some people like that too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

LGFW Mar/Apr 2010

This was 6 months ago when I attended my very 1st fashion week. Didn't post anything here until now. More stuff comming later. I have some fotos & videos from that.